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Carroll County Haiti Mission Project

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Trivia Night Registration
Are you feeling smart?
Please register for CCHMP's 25th Trivia Night
Saturday, April 6, 2019
Manny's Pizza, Savanna, IL
Registration begins at 6 p.m.
Competition begins at 7 p.m.
ALL proceeds will go to CCHMP's projects in Haiti.

Teams consist of 4-8 people.  (There are NO exception to this rule.)  If you do not have at least four people and want to participate, we will try to match you with a team that needs more players.
Registration is $10.00 per person.
(When you use this form to register online NO LATER THAN THREE DAYS BEFORE THE EVENT, we'll give you the answer to one of the Trivia Night's questions!!)
Competition will consist of 10 rounds of 10 questions from 10 categories. 

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You can pay your registration fee on the night of the event.
(IMPORTANT - After you push the "submit" button, you will be registered for the CCHMP Trivia Night.  You will receive a confirmation of your registration usually within three days. There will NOT be an automatic, instant response to your registration.  Because you registered through this website, this confirmation will include a FREE answer to one of the Trivia Night questions; if you do not receive the confirmation email, please email
If there is a change in your team number after you have registered, please contact us at or re-register with this form and make a note in the "comments" section.)



 Prior to the game, you can purchase a maximum of 5 answers at $2.00 each.

 Cell phone use is prohibited during competition; if you must use the phone, you will be unable to compete during the rest of that round.

 Only participating team members may be at your table; spectators must stay in the spectator area.

 The judges’ decisions are final. 


 There are 10 rounds of 10 questions from 10 different categories.  Questions will be recited two times.

 After each question, there will be 30 seconds to write your answers. At the end of each round, a list of that round’s questions is available at the judges’ table.  Each team designates a “runner” to take your team’s answer sheet to the judges at the end of each round.

 There is a 2-minute interval between rounds.  During this time, you can review your answers and have your runner take your answer sheet to the judges.

 There will be a 10-minute break after the fourth and seventh rounds.


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